Set Your DVRs

In anticipation of the web show quarterlife’s network debut on NBC (premiere episode on Tuesday, Feb. 26 10/9c) and MTV (premiere on the afternoon of the 26th), New Tee Vee spoke to series creator Marshall Herskovitz and star Bitsie Tulloch.
Herskovitz says, “I’m on the site literally 15 times a day and I’m reading every comment. When we were doing Once and Again, I would go to the fan sites maybe once a week at most. It was not a daily relationship the way it is now. And John O’Shaughnessy, the cinematographer, does it too.”
Tulloch says, “It was a big task trying to give this awkward, bumbling character some integrity. Having to not only act but also do this whole new thing with a camera and blogging — I’d never done that before.”



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