Selling It Over There So We Don’t Have To Sell It Over Here

Seems that American brands have also invaded Iraq. From USA Today:

Many Iraqis are developing a taste for American-brand products, which were banned under Saddam Hussein and are becoming increasingly popular.
Rice, salt and canned goods are among the most popular American products at the Al-Ameer market, owner Mohammad Abbas said. “American items have a great reputation and quality,” he said. “And people want them in our markets because they get bored of Syrian, Jordanian and Iranian items.”
A couple neighborhoods away at the upscale Honey Market, shelves are stocked with Duracell batteries, Dove soap, Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal, and Kent and Marlboro cigarettes.
Gatorade is particularly popular when temperatures break 120 degrees in the summer, store manager Faris al-Jabir said, though American goods account for only 2% of sales.

Hmmm…we’re having trouble selling them democracy, so maybe we can at least sell them some cigarettes. Maybe that’s what freedom really is these days.



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