Resist Branding at Home: Buy Household Items In Bulk, Store Them In Unbranded Containers

Not to go all Adbusters on you or anything, but I like to see people actively resisting advertising. I think it’s a healthy reaction to the onslaught of commercial messages.
Debranded Home is doing its part by offering a set of generic labels printed on high-quality waterproof vinyl.

Our objective is to provide you with the tools and information you need to debrand your home. We want to change the way people think about and buy products. Advertising is everywhere and, granted, does serve a purpose, but we want to show you how to can reclaim your space. Once a product has made it off the shelf, its label has served its purpose.
It’s freeing to not be pressured to dole out extra cash to buy that product with slightly nicer packaging. And you can feel good about recycling your bottles and either buying in bulk or learning to make things yourself.

The label sets are $9.00, plus $1.50 for shipping.
There does seem to be irony in the fact that Debranded Home is offering labels, that essentially act us an unbranded brand. It seems, one could take their advice but skip the labeling, or device a simpler labeling technique.
[via Quipsologies]



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