Red Trucks Turning Green

Coca-Cola Enterprises chairman John Brock spoke to Knowledge@Wharton about several subjects. One that I want to highlight is the company’s use of hybrid delivery trucks.

We’ve got the largest fleet of large-scale, hybrid electric trucks, 142 of them, of any company in the world. And we’ve had ten here in Philadelphia, we’ve got ten in New York, ten in Atlanta. You’ll see them as you go around.
And what’s so exciting about them is they consume 35% less fuel and generate 35% less emissions. And although they cost about 40% more, they pay for themselves. And we are buying, literally, as many as we can get, as fast as we can get them. We’re also going to be looking to upgrade to the next size. Our current fleet of hybrid trucks is kind of a medium size. We, and the developers, and it’s a proprietary relationship we have with the developer of the trucks, we’re looking to be very close to commercializing the next size up. And so we envision a significant increase to our fleet of an even larger group of hybrid electric trucks.

Coca-Cola Enterprises is the world’s largest marketer, producer and distributor of Coca-Cola products. The company’s sales represent 18 percent of The Coca-Cola Company’s worldwide volume.
Treehugger has more information on the hybrid trucks.



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