PR Battle About PR

Coming off a nice vacation, Richard Edelman busts on Jason Calacanis and defends his chosen profession in one blogged swoop.

I am heartily sick of the ad hominem attacks and cheap shots taken by those who would try to draw attention to themselves. For a guy who states that “your ability to hire people, get meetings, raise money, and form partnerships will be tied to your PR footprint,” it is just amazing to learn that the only way to succeed is on your own, by holding your own conversations with media/bloggers, by organizing your own dinner salons and by being the brand.
In fact, most smart businesspeople involved in start-ups recognize what Adam Smith did in the mid 1700s, that specialization leads to better outcomes for all concerned. The reality is that PR people work hard at delivering creative story ideas that often have their basis in policy change or product advances.

BTW, Calacanis, who has been both a CEO and journalist says, “My philosophy of PR is summed up in six words: be amazing, be everywhere, be real.” I don’t know about be everywhere, but real and amazing are certainly worth striving for.
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