Power Is Nothing Without Control…Look For The Video In March

International Herald Tribune: Want to catch the new film starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell?
You will have to log on to the Internet. And perhaps “film” isn’t quite the right word: The American actor and the British model star in a 10-minute video commissioned by Pirelli, the Italian tire maker, which plans to post it in March on a specially created Web site, where it will become the feature presentation in a new marketing campaign.
The short film – or is it a long ad? – is titled “The Call” and is set in the Vatican. It involves a battle between good and evil, featuring the ascetic-looking Malkovich as a priest and the modeling bad girl Campbell as the devil.
What does any of this have to do with selling tires – or even telecommunications cables, Pirelli’s other main product? Though the film is still being edited and few details were disclosed, Pirelli says the story provides a metaphorical illustration of its long-running slogan, “Power is nothing without control.”
Pirelli declined to say how much actors were being paid to appear in “The Call,” which is directed by Antoine Fuqua, whose films include “Training Day” and “King Arthur.”



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