Porn Industry Stagnates at $13 Billion

Okay, I’m Paul Revere and the message I’m delivering on my daring midnight ride is a resounding call-to-arms: America, the porn industry needs your help!
According to the New York Times, for every dollar Americans spent buying tickets to Hollywood movies last year, they spent about 90 cents viewing sex movies in various formats. Sound good? Well, it’s not.

The sex-related entertainment business grew in 2006 by just 2.4 percent, roughly the rate of inflation, to just under $13 billion.
Because most of the industry is privately owned, accurate numbers are hard to come by. But in one part of the industry where there is independent reporting of sales — sex movies sold over cable — there are indications of a slowdown.
JupiterKagan Inc., a media and technology market research company, said it expected that sex movies sold either as pay-per-view or on-demand would grow over the next decade at only half the pace of overall paid-for programming on cable.



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