Podcasts Perfect For Novelists

In the New York Times today, a great example of how faith in your art can pay off, if you’re smart, resourceful, and have something people want.
Most first-time novelists only sell a few thousand copies, but Scott Sigler, a San Francisco-based sci-fi writer, has built a sizeable audience for his “steel-tipped boot on your throat, speed-metal fiction” by podcasting from a makeshift studio he set up in his walk-in closet.

After being snubbed by publishers for years, Mr. Sigler began recording his first book, “EarthCore,” in 2005. He offered it as a podcast in 22 episodes (roughly 45 minutes each) that he posted online and sent free to subscribers for downloading. Before long, Mr. Sigler had 5,000 listeners; by the time he finished releasing his second novel, “Ancestor,” last January, he had 30,000, as he does for “The Rookie,” which is playing now.

If you’re in a boot-to-the-throat kinda mood today, check out Sigler’s offerings.



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