Pin It To Win It

Want to know why a business-to-business technology brand like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is on Pinterest, the new social discovery network?

Lauren Drell Associate Editor of Mashable has some answers.

Since you’re not supposed to blast pictures of your products on Pinterest, try to think outside the box and pin images that capture a lifestyle and/or the essence of your brand. Pinterest calls for a more holistic approach to marketing, and it can be more effective and engaging than traditional advertising because the consumers can really see how your brand fits into their lives.

That helps explains why AMD is posting images of computer workstations.

If you haven’t used Pinterest yet, it’s sort of like Tumblr in that one can easily clip and rearrange content from the web. It’s one more in a long line of aggregators, but unlike and others, Pinterest is catching on with a non-tech crowd. In addition, according to Drell’s report, some 70% of the site’s 3.3 million users are women.

Brands that are active on Pinterest include Whole Foods, Drake University and Land’s End.

I don’t know why, but I am also beginning to “pin” items of interest to my “boards.”



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