Paying Attention To Paid

I’m happy to see that Kansas City based marketing consultant and entrepreneur John Jantsch believes in paid content.

As an industry, content producers need to find ways to recapture the value in their content, discover the proper way to package it, build multiple streams of residual income with membership communities and we’ll all be better for it.

“Community builds when there is value,” he argues on OPENForum.

Jantsch adds, “the trend towards tiered levels of paid content will continue to escalate and the ability to foster community around your content will be the most important measure of value.”

Recently, Shawn and I looked at WPCandy’s tiered revenue model. WPCandy is not supported by advertising. Instead, they adopted a community-driven model that is “more flexible, more freeing, and, overall, better.” Supporters of WPCandy can “power the site” by spending as little as $10 to sponsor a post, which sounds like a great deal to me. In fact, I think I’ll head over there now and sponsor a post.



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