OMG!!! Franz Ferdinand! OMG!!

The latest MySpace “secret show” features Franz Ferdinand playing the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City today. To get tickets, MySpace users–okay, me–have to make the profile “SecretShow” one of our coveted “top 8” friends.
Secret shows began in January and have included performers such as NOFX and the Watson Twins.
Publicity for the concerts is generated solely by word-of-mouth, an example of which comes to us courtesy of kriswithak, an insouciant blogger who also happens to be a middle manager of some kind. Let’s listen:

This morning when I got in, I read MySpace Bulletins and there was one saying MySpace Secret Shows was hosting Franz Ferdinand here in NYC today! I screamed “noooooo!!!” cause of the time. It turns out, my boss heard me yelling and came in to ask what was wrong. I told her and she said “you can go if you want. Talk to your staff, if they will be OK with you leaving early, its fine”. So YAY!!! My staff was ok with their boss leaving early (um, what staff wouldn’t? lol)… I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!

Neither can we, kriswithak. Soon you and your MySpace peers will replace us antidiluvean “creatives” because, it turns out, you’re more effective than billboards, magazine ads and TV spots at getting a message out. (Actually, much luv to you KW. We’re all part of an evolving mediascape, and that’s cool.) (P.S. Want to meet up at the show?? LOL.)



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