Nevermind That Visigoths Don’t Tend Crops, Capital One Likes Facebook’s Fertile Soils

I don’t play FarmVille on Facebook, but I’ll try to keep an open mind as I put this post together.

Capital One, the U.S. based bank specializing in credit cards, home loans and auto loans, is running a week-long promotion on FarmVille, the hugely popular Facebook-based game from Zynga.

The promo provides special rewards for FarmVille players including Limited Edition Visigoth items. Visigoths, introduced on TV in 2000, are Capital One’s mascots.

Players will be able to get a free Visigoth statue as a gift from Capital One that will grant them Double Mastery points (whatever those are). Virtual Facebook farmers will also have the opportunity to dress their avatars in Capital One Visigoth costumes. Additionally, there will be opportunities to earn Farm Cash (virtual currency).

“The integration gives us a new way to engage consumers and enhance their interactions with our brand, and gives players a distinctive way to personalize their farms and advance to higher levels in the game. We can’t wait to see FarmVille avatars dressed in Visigoth attire,” Capital One spokesperson Pam Girardo Girardo said.

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