MySpace for Self-Expression

Jamie Kantrowitz, MySpace’s London-based SVP for European marketing and content, recently spoke to paidContent about the difference between MySpace and rival Facebook.

I think Facebook’s doing a really fundamentally different experience than MySpace – it’s more of a social software technology company, while we’re still fundamentally based on self-expression and culture and community. Our strength has always been about culture, community and also self-expression – someone’s MySpace page is much more an expression of their identity and what they love in their life than a Facebook page is, or maybe another social networking page.

Kantowitz also admits there’s significant overlap among soc net users, just like there are many people who choose to maintain free webmail accounts at both Google and Yahoo.
I know MySpace is many things to many people, but to me it’s a niche site. It’s where I connect with bands and musically inclined people and organizations.

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