Multi-Tasking Gets Out Of Hand

Media consumption isn’t just on the rise today, it’s creeping into every available crevice. While it’s my job to make media, I’m not always convinced of the inherent utility in new offerings. For instance, I’m unimpressed by the number of TV screens I see in vehicles today. I know, I know, it’s different when you have kids, blah blah blah…it’s still an innapropriate setting for TV, in my view.
Now, thanks to Gas Station TV drivers and passengers can catch a little toob while pumping gas.
According to Associated Press:

David Leider, a former marketing executive at Yahoo Inc. who is the company’s chief executive, says they are focused on making the programming useful to users and tailored to the average length of time it takes to fill up with gas — about four minutes.
“Pumping gas is boring and mundane,” Leider said. “We live in a very can’t-sit-still, multi-stimulus environment. We are convinced that people will be very favorable to this experience at the gas station.”

The TVs are operational at 100 Dallas area Murphy USA stations today. Gas Station TV plans to have their high-definition, daylight-visible screens installed in 400 Murphy stations by January.



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