Moosehead Goes Balls Out

From Lewis Lazare:

In-bar product sampling, usually done with the help of a cadre of buxom babes, has been one way brewers try to spark renewed interest in certain beer brands. But Moosehead lager, and its ad agency Tom Dick & Harry Advertising, wanted to go a different route in the guerrilla marketing war to separate itself from competitors. So bar patrons in five markets initially are being introduced to a wacky new game called Headball as a way to generate interest in Moosehead.
The game involves a skullcap with Velcro strips and numbers printed on it and several cushy balls, also equipped with Velcro. One team member wears the cap, while a second pitches the balls from a distance of about 10 feet and tries to get each ball to stick to the cap where it will score the highest number of points.
Instructions call for the game to be played with a Moosehead lager in hand, just to make the exercise more challenging and, of course, help players connect with the brand.
Initially, Headball is being rolled out in Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Downstate Champaign, with Pittsburgh slated for the fall.



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