@MLB Is Seriously Committed To Content for the Social Stream

If you’re a Major League Baseball fan, step up to the plate — the league, and every team in it, is serving up all-you-can-download buffets of content for the social stream.

Seattle Mariners


Pick your poison.

Of course, sports fans are not typical customers. They’re avid, loyal and deeply immersed in every little detail of their team, its players, coaches and front office staff.

Concepts like an active and vocal community can be a bit shaky for brands, because brands have customers first, and if they are exceptional, fans second. Sports teams and sports brands are in another category, and it is a category particularly well suited to social media marketing, supported by real time content production.

Copywriters and art directors used to hole up in a room for days, sometimes weeks, working out their concepts for an ad campaign. No doubt, some continue to do so. However, that’s not how Social Ads are made. Social Ads — the ads we see in Nike Golf’s social stream, for instance — are pulled together from the resources available. In other words, no photo shoot is being scheduled to fulfill the creative’s team concept for these kind of quickie comms. The makers use what’s at hand to fashion a stream of timely, hopefully on-point, messages.



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