Mediacaddy Puts A Third Screen Right At The Bar

I spent the past weekend visiting friends in Atlanta, and revisiting familiar haunts. So while taking in a little college football at a sports bar on Saturday, I saw a new (to me, at least) form of distraction: A rotating slide show screen housed in a napkin/straw dispenser, courtesy of a company called Mediacaddy.

I’m not exactly sure how the system works, although slides seem to get semi-updated throughout the day with news tidbits, weather reports, and of course…advertising. Admittedly, the ads aren’t quite there yet:


With 5 Mediacaddys on the bar, I’ll admit I got a bit curious. Mediacaddy is, after all, simply the latest form of interruptive marketing, a modern-day approach to the table tent. But it’s quite in-your-face, so clever POP ad concepts could push sales for the right liquid brand (or taxi service). It’s also a reminder that, in this day of multiple screens to distract the tavern-goer, there’s always room for one more. And there’s always a startup willing to take old-school advertising and slip it into new packages.



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