Media Neutrality Comes To The Corner Office

Scamp posted about Jon Williams, a digital creative taking the helm as ECD at Grey/London. He chose an unusual title for the post: It’s No Longer Safe In The Water.
The post has generated some interesting commentary, pitting old school TV addicts against the new school. Here’s how it starts…

At 12:18 PM, rjhayter said…
‘Above-the-line-creative’ sounds like such a quaint, old-fashioned thing to say, these days. According to the story in Campaign, Mr Williams has looked after lots of different kinds of creative departments. Sounds like he could be the archetypal ‘modern’ creative director.
Just like you, eh Scamp 😉
And Brummy Trev wouldn’t have hired him if his work was shit – he’s no mug.

I like this one too…

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous said…
There’s long been a pecking order in this country.
There were those who did poster, press and ‘films’ and then there was everyone else.
Now the ‘everyone else’ are hammering on the walls like the zombies outside the pub in Shaun of the Dead.
Hope you’ve got a shotgun.

There are others worth reading, as well. Disruption is a topic on a lot of ad minds today. Speaking of, I left a comment the other night on Steffan Postaer’s new blog about the existence of justice in the ad world and how I’m more thankful now for my marketing services background than I ever have been. I’m also thankful that my genuine interest in the net led to more opportunity at work. And to this, to AdPulp.



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