McLocal: These Fries Are “Grown in Richland, Served in Ballard”

Lisa Hymas of Grist doesn’t buy the McLocal message she found in suburban Seattle. She asks what’s next, “High-fructose corn syrup from Ames, Iowa?”
Here’s my problem with the Gristian criticism. Way too many environmentalists are still stuck in an “us v. them” mindset, which is a trap. We’re all in this together.
We want corporations to listen to, and respond to, the needs of their customers and the larger community. But when a company like McDonald’s moves forward with a sustainable initiative, it’s poo-pooed. Believe me, I understand why–we don’t want to be lied to. But what if it’s not a lie? When it’s not a lie, does the company not deserve some credit for their willingness to do the right thing?

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