Make The Ask, Make It Simple and Make It Often

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NBC Miami is having some fun with the painful times felt by the city’s big newspaper.

This holiday season, you have several options of where to donate your money: Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, soup kitchens.
But have you considered the Miami Herald?
It’s not quite a charity case yet, but the paper of record in the Magic City is accepting handouts if you have any spare change.

I’m intrigued by commentary from journalist and consultant Steve Outing on this move by the Herald. He thinks donations can work for the Herald, but not in the current configuration.

(the) Only alert is at the end of an article, and the graphic is small and competes against a bunch of other surrounding links and graphics. Eyetracking and other newspaper website readership studies demonstrate that few people reading a news website make it to the end of an article, especially a long one. And from my experience five years ago doing a website eyetracking study at the Poynter Institute, I can tell you that most people who reach the end of a story will not move their eyes below the last paragraph.

Sad, but true. That’s why we keep our articles short on AdPulp. Although the material is sometimes dense, but we try to serve it in digestible bites.
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