Love And Prosperity For All!

Have you been wondering what Alex Bogusky would do with himself after retiring from the advertising juggernaut with his name on it? Well, wonder no more. He’s creating a “new capitalist brand” to help us “transition from competitive advantage to collaborative advantage.” The brand is called Common.
Here’s the presentation deck. You can also watch Bogusky present the deck.

After reading through the deck, I’m still not exactly sure what Common is, or does, but I like the thinking. Of course, I’m like that–an idealist. From the looks of it, the readers of AdFreak are less inclined to believe in positive radical change.
Steve Welker writes:

Wow. Haven’t ever seen someone so injured by their own success.
Capitalism is already good. Relax and enjoy it.
You can’t reinvent it because it wasn’t ever designed to begin with. It is a natural occurring effect of socio-economic forces.

“Dr. Rawlins Simewell, PHD” writes:

This is a truly astounding idea. Mind-blowing. As a professor of economics at Stanford, I predict that in less than 10 years, Common brand products will command at least a 16% market share of every category sold in half the organic food stores within a ten mile radius of Boulder.

I agree with the faux professor on one thing, Bogusky’s Boulder location doesn’t help his cause. While wild ideas grow well in the Colorado sun, the true test for “a new capitalist brand” is in New York City, Cincinnati, Omaha, etc.



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