Like Mommy Bloggers, But Better

According to Adweek, digital creative director Alessandra Lariu and Amanda Jaskiewicz, a client-services veteran, are forming a new creative platform where ad women will collaborate on client briefs targeting other women.

The yet-to-be-named site, slated for a June 30 launch, will operate under the umbrella of Lariu’s mentoring group, SheSays. Clients will pay a fee to post a brief, with SheSays taking a cut. The rest goes into a communal pot. Users will submit ideas, and critique and vote on peers’ work.

The site is more than mere crowdsourcing. Call it “evolved collaboration,” says Lariu and Jaskiewicz. Anyone who contributes time and effort, even just to evaluate the submitted work, receives “some form of credit that at the end of the year can transform into hard cash,” Lariu says.

It’s an interesting idea, and I can see how it might be replicated. For instance, what if a bunch of people with experience on car accounts got together to devise new ways to talk to people who like to drive? People with sports marketing experience could have a platform of their own, same with people with packaged good experience, and so on. There’s no end to the possibilities.

In my opinion, one of the keys here is taking the crowd out of crowdsourcing. Adweek does not indicate how Lariu’s and Jaskiewicz’s platform participants will be chosen, but if it’s anything like Cabell Harris’ Lab Rats, ad women will need to apply to be part of the group. The other key is paying all participants, something that’s not common to the field at this early point.

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