Know Where Your Shizzeeps Are

Twitter’s great and all but the Technorati needs to feast on a new dish. You know how it is.
According to AppScout, Four Square is the entree of choice at the South By Southwest/Interactive this year.

This year’s breakout story is sure to be a social network called foursquare, from the guys behind the now-defunct Dodgeball social-location service. Users “check in” from wherever they are on a given night, pinging foursquare to let their friends know where they are and to build their social cache.
It’s a fun way to keep track of where your friends are, make new friends, and find the hot hangout spots. The service has a nifty gimmick called “badges” to encourage users to get out and try new places, to secure a home base for themselves, and to recommend places to their friends. For instance, the user that has checked in the most from a given location becomes the “Mayor” of that location–one of several ways to find friends that hang out at the same spots you do.

Portland’s Shizzow is another geo-locating peer-to-peer update service ready to break onto the scene.
You can also use Shizzeeps, a web application built by @crunchysue using the Shizzow API to track the movements of Shizzow users in Austin or Portland.

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