Know The Code

R&R Partners and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority are back with new spots in their “What happens here” campaign.

According to Las Vegas Sun, the LVCVA opted two years ago to temporarily discontinue production of “What happens here” ads and focus on other campaigns to aggressively boost visitation while the economy was slumping.

Apparently the direct appeals worked and now there’s room to build the brand again. The new spots are also supported by a “Know the Code” microsite, where you can report over sharers and take an oath to not over share details about your trip to Vegas.

“It really is just tongue-in-cheek,” said LVCVA Senior Vice President of Marketing Cathy Tull.

Yes, and it’s a smart way to build on the hugely popular campaign. By taking an anti-transparent stance and encouraging people to spread the news, the destination marketer is making good use of the social platforms it gamely critiques.



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