Klout Score of 55 Or Higher? You’re An Admiral!

Social influence is one of those touchy topics that can set me, or any number of other argumentative people, off. Why? Because high school and the need to be popular, like Trix, is for kids.

Or is that a faulty assumption? Do we ever really outrun the need to be popular? Think about it. Who doesn’t want to be liked? Who doesn’t want to be recognized for their gifts?

As you may know by now, Klout is a company that ranks one’s influence in social channels, and ties perks from its partners to one’s score, thereby providing the much needed game layer. For instance, I have a pretty good score right now, which means I can claim a newly introduced, and pretty awesome, perk.

American Airlines The Klout To Win Sweepstakes

Users with a Klout Score of 55 or higher, can gain access to the Admirals Club in one of 40 airports worldwide by going to www.aa.com/klout. You do not have to be an American Airlines passenger to be eligible for this Perk.

In my opinion, this American Airlines perk is a big step up in the value of Klout’s perks program, and thus in Klout itself. While I continue to think it is a poor practice to place too much emphasis on social influence, I feel like it’s easier to take the whole thing seriously when there are real world payoffs like this.

Footnote: I used to say a lot of good my social capital is doing me, since Safeway won’t take social capital at the checkout stand. Perhaps, the tide is turning and we can begin to bank (even in small ways) on the work we do in social channels. Thoughts?



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