Just Because You Can…

Los Angeles agency, David & Goliath has a talented stafff. Yet, there’s concern inside the organization that these talents might be used for ill purposes, namely another self-promotional video from an agency trying to show how creative it is.
According to an email leaked to AdPulp this morning, the video cams are on in El Segundo today.

To recap: Today and Monday, we’ll be shooting everyone at the agency.
Do you paint? Great! We’d love to see one. Are you a Pogo Stick master? Hooray! We’ve been looking for one of those. Whether you can say “fun” in 5 languages, tap dance, or play the kazoo there’s no pressure.
We need some group dynamic stuff too (Kia team pyramid anyone?) so don’t be alarmed if you see people doing fun stuff around the agency- just come on over, watch, and when they’re done say something nice like “wow, you’re really good at that!”

I hear the concerns over potential embarrassment, and the annoyance at agency cheerleaders, but just the same, I might question, “Didn’t you know you’d signed up for the circus when you went into advertising?”

About David Burn

I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today—after working for seven agencies in five states—I am now head of brand strategy and creative direction at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.