Journalists Are The Real Change Agents

I think a good deal about about the differences between journalism and advertising, and how in many cases the differences are fading away in this new age of content-driven media. Then along comes a story that reminds me just how large a gulph still exists between the two professions.
According to The New York Times, Editor of The Oakland Post, Chauncey Bailey, was shot multiple times at short range yesterday morning while walking in an open-air parking lot just three blocks from the Alameda County Courthouse and several city buildings.
Roland Holmgren, a spokesman for the Oakland Police Department, said they were looking into the possibility that the killing was related to Mr. Bailey’s work as a journalist, though no suspects have been named.
[UPDATE] Devaughndre Broussard, a 19-year-old handyman at a Black Muslim-owned bakery in Oakland confessed to the murder. The bakery, the police say, was the headquarters of a criminal gang that was involved in kidnapping, torture and three killings.
Officer Roland Holmgren, a police spokesman, said Mr. Broussard “referred to himself as a ‘soldier’ ” for the bakery’s leadership. “We don’t believe he acted alone,” Mr. Holmgren said. More charges are forthcoming in this case.
Source: TNYT



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