Introducing Brand-Filtered News

I didn’t have to scroll far in Benetton’s blog to find something totally unrelated to their core business.

After President Bush and his wife visited a shrine in New Delhi, India, Hindu priests conducted a purification of the shrine. Not because of the Bush or his wife, who (like everyone else) removed their shoes before entering, but rather because of the bomb-sniffing security dogs that accompanied the US President and his wife.
This sacred shrine is the site where Mohandas Gandhi was cremated. After the dogs tainted the shrine, Hindu priests cleansed the site with water from the holy Ganges River.
Letting the dogs into the shrine has sparked much protest from Hindu politicians, including Gandhi’s great-grandson, Tushar Gandhi, who called the incident a “national shame.”

Benetton’s writer placed the post under the blog’s “Diversity” category. Diversity, as anyone who has ever seen a Benetton ad knows–is a core issue.

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