Instagram Gets All Facebookey, Introduces Who’s Who Photo Tagging

You know how you can tag your friends in a photo you upload to Facebook? Now Facebook-owned Instagram is introducing the tagging feature.

Mike Isaac of All Things D believes the move could be a boon for brands.

Photos of You essentially gives a brand the ability to crowdsource photos of its products — likely put to use — from the millions of people who are on Instagram and taking pictures all the time. So, basically, if I’m Nike, I could potentially get tons of free content for my Photos of You tab, all courtesy of the rest of Instagram.

Could be good. Could be a mess.

It may be worth noting here that Facebook and Instagram are working to deliver better user experiences, but what do we immediately begin to consider when a new feature like this is unveiled? How brands are going to game the system.

How very Pavlovian — platforms bark and media and marketing people jump.

In other digital identity and social media news, the NCAA has banned the display of #hashtags and social media URLs on football fields. What century are those fools livin’ in?

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