If It Were Only True

Strange New Products helped introduce hangover helper, Security Feel Better, last fall.
According to their report, SFB has a distinctive pear flavor, and comes in a 30ml bottle, small enough to carry in a coat pocket, handbag, or glove compartment. The manufacturer, PPN SA, says that after drinking a full 30ml bottle, consumers can expect to feel results within 45 minutes.
Now this from Decanter:

The French government has banned an artichoke juice drink on the basis that it could encourage drink driving.
The drink, called Security Feel Better and made mainly of artichoke juice, was at first allowed onto the shelves. But the government has now decided the drink should be banned and ordered its removal from sale. It has said it cannot prevent the drink’s export.
Security Feel Better appeared on the market with the unique selling proposition that it disperses alcohol from the blood up to six times faster than normal.
Its effectiveness has not been clinically proven and a Normandy court has already prohibited the producer – Normandy-based PPN – from displaying any claims on the label.
Medical experts are sceptical about the claims. ‘The liver processes alcohol from the body at the rate of one unit an hour. At the moment I do not know of any substance that can increase that rate of metabolism,’ Dr Guy Ratcliffe of the Medical Council on Alcohol told the Daily Mail

Someone test this stuff. We could have the next global microbrand on our hands here.



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