If It Matters, Do It Right

Random Culture doesn’t think too highly of Ad Age’s new let’s-jump-on-the-podwagon cast.

I’d love to be able to post here about someone doing podcasting right, but the bad ones keep popping up. Advertising Age is not an exception.
They’ve launched a podcast called “Why it Matters”, and I have to say, I’m let down by the quality of it. The sound is pretty atrocious, and it makes the podcast come off as a very amateur endeavor. Come on AdAge, pony up for a good microphone!
It just launched, so we can’t tell how often it’s updated, but the format appears to be a guest/host format with each episode around 10 minutes or so. If they improved the sound quality, I might actually listen to it.
You can check it out in iTunes. I’d post a link to the podcast on their site, but AdAge doesn’t want anyone to access their content, since they put a subscription wall around everything.



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