How To Use A Blog In A Promotion

Subaru has solved one of the more perplexing questions facing those who would deploy a promotional blog. Who will do the actual blogging? We’ve seen several “character blogs” emerge, of late, none to our liking. For Subaru’s “Race To The Tour” promotion, the car maker has a better answer: celebrity trainer/coach, Ian Jackson.

Ian Jackson has made an astounding career of physical fitness. As a trainer for Olympic cyclists, Ironman triathletes, and corporate executives, he has helped thousands of people reach their performance goals through innovative and revolutionary techniques. A former Ironman triathlete himself, he was selected in 1984 as a special coach and advisor to the legendary 7-Eleven team, the first American bicycling team to enter the Tour de France. He is also the author of three books that pioneer ideas and techniques in the field of Body-Mind fitness, including The BreathPlay Approach to Whole Life Fitness (Doubleday, 1986). Presently Jackson is sought after around the world, and especially within the French elite cycling community, as a workshop leader and individual coach.

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