Housing Manhattan’s Creative Class

Kevin McKeon of Strawberry Frog was profiled by The New York Times last week. No, not for his wicked creative skills. The Gray Lady chose to chronicle his leave-the-city, return-to-the-city odyssey.

After a long winter (in Connecticut), Mr. McKeon was restless. “I never thought I’d admit it, but I miss being a big shot at my job,” he wrote in his newspaper column for The Lakeville Journal. “And all that comes with being a big shot at one’s job in New York. I miss having a reason to get dressed up once in a while. And having to look, on occasion, at least a little bit cool.”

The article appears in the Real Estate section. Dan Shaw, the journalist, further reveals the McKeon’s rental in Park Slope goes for $7000/month. Perhaps the family has two incomes or rich parents. The other possibility is McKeon brings home over $20,000/month.
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