Hogshead Kisses L.A. Goodbye

Sally Hogshead and her family up and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

…Have you ever noticed that once you make a decision, if it’s right, everything clicks into place? Our decision was fast, but not reckless. All the signs had been pointing in this direction for months and we just needed to recognize them. Within 72 hours our house was sold. We visited Jacksonville and bought a house in a single weekend. (And yes, it was old and run-down.) Two weeks later we all flew to Jacksonville. With one-way tickets.
And so begins the most radical careering: living a life of our own design. A life based around our choices, rather than the usual answers. A life that’s crazy and unpredictable and exactly right.

The more I learn about Ms. Hogshead, the more impressed I become with her.
Jacksonville is totally off the ad world’s radar. So is Hilton Head Island, SC, where I live. So are places I used to live, including Omaha and Denver. BFD. You keep your head in the game. You work, like everyone else, except maybe a little harder and a bit smarter. The important thing is to honor where you’re at personally.



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