Here Comes KateModern

Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried and Mesh Flinders are far from household names, but they’re interweb creation–Bree, a.k.a. LoneyGirl15–is another matter entirely. Now the the creative team is trading on their LonelyGirl15 success. They’ve signed a deal with the social networking site to create a second interactive drama–KateModern–told in short, seemingly homemade video clips.
According to Los Angeles Times, the team which is signed to CAA was taken on “the tour of Hollywood”–meeting with various studio heads. “They were very enthusiastic, and some offers were made, but we felt that the Internet is a different model than TV, and it would be limiting if we got tied into the studio system,” said Goodfried. is a MySpace-like social networking site that is especially popular in Britain. It has 31 million users, more than 90% of whom are younger than 35. The plan is for each of the characters on “KateModern” to have a profile on the site where they blog, post photos and videos and interact with Bebo’s users.
Joanna Shields, president-international for Bebo said the site is looking for six to eight top brands to sponsor the show with product and/or name placement.



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