He’ll Never Expire, But Old Man Advertising Is Getting Smaller

Jack Meyers charges between $1200 and $48,000 for corporate subscriptions to his newsletters Jack Myers Media Business Reports and Jack Myers Advertising and Marketing Spending Forecasts, but he’s giving us a glimpse of what he offers for free on The Huffington Post.

Between 2007 and 2012, advertising’s slice of the total marketing pie is forecast to decline from 30.7% to 25.9%. That represents more than $100 billion that is shifting away from traditional media spending to alternative marketing options during this five-year span.
…Until media companies and agencies begin connecting ad campaigns to marketers’ trade and consumer sales promotion objectives, they will continue to be viewed as a cost center rather than an investment.

$100 billion is a large chunk of money to take off the table. I’d like to know what you plan to do about it. Personally, I’ve been doing something about it for years–by diversifying my experience in marketing services. But that’s me. What about you?



About David Burn

I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today—after working for seven agencies in five states—I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.