He Blogs. He Scores.

True Hoop is a pro basketball blog written by Henry Abbott.
Abbott is a journalist with more than a dozen cover stories and one hundred plus feature articles to his credit. His work has appeared in HOOP, Inside Stuff, Men’s Journal, the official NBA Finals program and on CBS’s national radio network.
He’s making bloatospheric news this week because he sold his media property to ESPN. Steve Rubel ponders which blog might be next.

You gotta wonder how long some of the bigger tech, political and entertainment blogs are going to remain independent. It’s only natural for the big media companies to acquire the larger franchises – if they are willing to sell out.

Here’s some of what Abbott has to say about “selling out”:

To be honest, I wasn’t looking to sell TrueHoop, and I liked owning it. But TrueHoop needed a new model (besides the zero income one) if it was going to pay my mortgage.

I say more power to him. He gets to do what he loves, the site he founded will improve due to the resources now at his disposal and he no longer has to worry about his financial well being.

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