Harley Moves From One Cage To Another

According to Ad Age, this new spot from Harley-Davidson is the product of its linkup with Boulder, Colo.-based crowdsourcing shop Victor & Spoils. The idea came from a Kentuckian, Whit Hiler, described by Evan Fry, Victors & Spoils’ chief creative officer, as a “passionate amateur.”

Cages? Everyone but a Harley rider lives in a cage? A cage of conformity?
Harley Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer says, “the crowd and Victors & Spoils took ‘cages’ and make it more about liberation from your boring life.”
Wow. So many assumptions. Does a man with a Porsche live a boring life? Yes, apparently so, at least from Harley’s point of view.
This is all pretty sad when you consider this isn’t GoDaddy.com we’re talking about, it’s a legendary brand that a legendary ad agency helped to make famous and relevant to new riders over the past three decades.
Richer says the brand team has stricken the phrase “AOR” from its vocabulary. What about “high quality compelling advertising?” Is that also removed from discourse?



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