Hall Enjoys Sailing And Other Important Factoids

Night Agency interviewed Steve Hall of Adrants last week. Here’s an excerpt:

Night Agent: Steve Hall, what did you have in mind when you started Adrants? Were you launching a revolution or were you just bored?
Steve Hall: I wish I were that insightful. Actually, I started it during a period of unemployment in March 2002 as a way to stay in touch with the industry.
NA: Well, looks like you are in touch now!
SH: I seem to be. Or so I’m told
NA: You’re media today, probably on top of any good PR person’s priority list. How does this feel?
SH: Well…. in one way it feels as though I’m just a cog in the big PR machine. In another it feels as though Adrants has been validated as an important medium. And in another, it just makes me feel as though, personally, people respect what I have to say.



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