Google Serves Up Mobile Mail

Google introduced an innovative new mobile client, Gmail for mobile devices. This freely downloadable Java application delivers Gmail users the look and feel of Gmail through a fast, feature-rich interface that’s optimized for handheld devices.
Deep Nishar, director of product management at Google said, “We realize the role mobile phones play as a key driver for balancing online and offline worlds, and we’re committed to developing products that help people stay connected when they’re away from their computers.”
Om Malik is pretty high on it.

The new application is a big improvement, enough to justify a switch to GMail as your one email account. The Gmail application retains the simplicity of the original web application, and comes with features such as search, conversation view, and automatic synchronization with the desktop version. If the application feels faster, it is. It pre-fetches messages automatically and as a user you feel no lag at all when accessing emails. The interface is clean, sleek and utilitarian.
If Google ever got around to releasing a single app that combined Gmail, Gtalk and GCal, they might have an instant winner on their hands.



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