Google Isn’t Afraid To Advertise Itself At The Right Moment

Someone on my Facebook feed referenced today’s New York Times article about working at Google.

Clicking on the link shows me that Google’s ready to reinforce the message when good news appears:


But what’s really interesting is this quote, in which one employee jabs straight at the advertising industry:

Allison Mooney, 32, joined Google two years ago from the advertising giant Omnicom Group, and the difference is “night and day,” she said. “I came here from the New York agency model, where you work constantly, 24/7. You answer every e-mail, nights and weekends. Here, you don’t have to show you’re working, or act like you’re working. The culture here is to shut down on weekends. People have a life.”

I’ve always imagined Google to be more of an intense, 24/7 type of job. Maybe I’m wrong. But either way, this article proves Google knows the way to master both advertising and public relations (particularly for its own brand) more than most firms that specialize in those disciplines.



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