Good Choice, Business Pro

Do you improve Return on Investment (ROI) through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Close of Business (COB)? Awesome, National wants to send you from the airport to the nearest Holiday Inn Express in the full size of your choice.

I like this spot from Cannonball in St. Louis. It connects with the business traveler by mocking her authority, but it’s somehow disarming and fun.

Here’s a commercial, that is not appealing, disarming or fun:

Why is Firestone wearing its strategy on its sleeve and trying too hard to be something it is not? Maybe it is the agency’s fault. Why Leo Burnett, why?

The simple truth we’ve uncovered is that even though Firestone never made a single car, Firestone is a car company,” said Charley Wickman, Executive Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett. “Because in all their years in business, they’ve helped to make millions run better, faster, longer and stronger.”

Well, that settles it then, the EVP/ECD has spoken.

Personally, I don’t see the need for Firestone to be something other than the best tire company in the land. Insisting on calling themselves “a car company” seems unnecessary, and a bit like Icarus flying too near the sun.

Additional Clickery: Peep this new buzzword takedown from Adobe and GS&P.



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