Glamour Makes Good Use of Google+ Hangouts

I don’t know how they did it, but Glamour magazine has gathered a massive audience on Google+. With 1.5 million readers on this platform, the door is now wide open to sponsored content opportunities.

Glamour Magazine - YouTube

According to Mashable, the fashion title is using the Goggle+ Hangout feature in new ways:

Glamour magazine is launching a month-long series of Hangouts featuring staffers, online personalities — and products. Eight of the nine Hangouts are sponsored by a company, whose products are featured centrally in the content. In a Hangout for Unilever-owned Suave, for example, DIY blogger Erica Domesek will show how to make hair accessories for hair styled by Suave stylists. A L’Oreal-sponsored Hangout with Glamour stylist Annabel Tollman will show viewers how to wear ombré hair, as colored by Loreal’s Féria Wild Ombré product.

Some of the Hangouts will invite viewers to converse; others will be closed sessions, during which users will be asked to comment on social media networks using hashtags.

In other Sponsored Content news, The New York Times unveiled some interesting tidbits about Mashable’s successful use of sponsored posts. For one, Mashable sees its sponsored posts as something other than advertorial.

“These are not advertorials,” said Lance Ulanoff, the editor in chief at Mashable. “I know what an advertorial is. These are pure editorial.”

Semantic argument, or no, the price for a sponsored series on Mashable can run close to six figures. A sponsored series of posts on AdPulp, however, is considerably more affordable. So, I ask you — yes YOU — what topic do you want to “own” and consistently present to AdPulp’s sophisticated MarCom readership?

If you run a search firm, we can run a weekly series on SEO. If you’re a headhunter, we can run a weekly series on job hunting. If you’re an editing house, we can run a series on working with directors and editors. And so on.

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