Get Ready For Sicko

Here’s a clip for the upcoming Michael Moore movie, Sicko:

If you have a client that’s in the insurance, healthcare or pharmaceutical categories, then somewhere in their PR and corporate communications departments, they’re getting ready to go on offense against this movie. Whether you like Michael Moore or not, he gets people riled up. And that scares some folks.
The New York Times examines the issues further:

Perhaps not coincidentally on Sunday, “60 Minutes,” the CBS television magazine show, took up a scandal that is part of Mr. Moore’s film — and has been well chronicled in The Los Angeles Times — about the abandonment by Los Angeles hospitals of homeless patients after they have received medical treatment.
Last week, Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit health insurer, settled criminal and civil lawsuits, agreeing to establish new rules for discharging such patients, and to pay $55,000 in fines and to cover the city attorney’s investigative costs. Kaiser will also contribute $500,000 to help the homeless with follow-up care and other services.



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