“Geek” And “Blog” Defy Definition

Cory Bergman, Editor of Lost Remote on his comfort (or lack thereof) with his present state of geekery:

I’ve always disliked being called a geek. But as I stood in line at the supermarket waiting to buy a spicy tuna roll, reading my Blackberry 8700c and wearing a custom T-shirt that reads, “Lost Remote,” I suddenly realized that there should be a more respectful term. Like “metro geek.” Or something.

A commentator on Lost Remote said the proper term is “Geektrosexual.”
In another post, Bergman defines major media blogs with no comments as “Just another content niche in a publisher’s palette.” He says such media vehicles are not, in fact, blogs (thereby adding yet another layer of complexity to an already overly complex four-letter word).

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