Further Reflections On #BlogWell And SocialMedia.org

One of the things I learned at BlogWell— the conference I attended at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum north of Seattle this week–is the conference is attended mostly by members of SocialMedia.org–an organization I knew little about until this week.

Now that I know more, I’m impressed. For one thing, I like their business model. Corporations pay $10,000/year to join SocialMedia.org. For that fee, marketing and communications managers at the companies receive training in Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing.

GasPedal, the parent company of SocialMedia.org, is” not an agency, and they don’t do campaigns.” Instead GasPedal teaches social media managers how to do it themselves.

GasPedal also promises that their “how-to marketing strategies are affordable, easy to execute, and deliver measurable ROI in 60 days.” So, clearly Andy Sernovitz, CEO of GasPedal, knows how to speak directly to a brand team’s concerns.

Conference, communities and consulting is missing but one “C”.


By providing the exact content that big companies need in this highly specialized field, online and in person, GasPedal is off to the paid content races. I don’t know exactly how many corporate members SocialMedia.org counts, but let’s say there have 100. 100 times $10K per year is $1,ooo,ooo per year in revenue, from just that one source. What a great base to work from.



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