For Some Companies foursquare Is Hard To Get

New York City-based geolocation start up, foursquare, is so popular its staff can’t field requests fast enough. That’s the message in this report from ClickZ. However, some requests, especially those from big brands, are being met.

The company has already developed integrations with a range of brand advertisers in various verticals, including Starbucks for retail, Bravo in entertainment, Pepsi in packaged goods, and Bing for technology and online services. It has more on the way, according to head of business development Tristan Walker.
“We have a good number of brands in the pipeline, particularly in retail,” Walker told ClickZ. “We’re working with brands/retailers to think about how we can help engender loyalty. We’re hoping to really innovate in this space in the next few months. We’ll continue rolling out brand integrations in a variety of ways, working closely with brands to ensure that both we and they feel comfortable with the campaigns.”

Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, believes its incumbent on agencies and brand teams to learn the APIs. That’s Application Programming Interface for all you non-propeller heads in the audience.
“You can do more with foursquare without their involvement than you can with it,” he said. “The only reason to work with them directly is to get a badge.”



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