Fight Economic Malaise

Tom Asacker is the change agent’s change agent. So it’s natural that he has some thoughts on changing one’s behavior when different/better results are sought.

You have the talent, the ability and the contacts. But do you have the vision and courage? Vision and courage are what leadership is all about: Making sure that everyone viscerally understands your purpose (and it should not be to produce and sell things. It’s should be to add value to people’s lives), and then orchestrating, empowering and inspiring people to bring that purpose to life with daring and imaginative vision.

I had to pause and re-read that Asackerism about ten times over. That’s the test every entrepreneur has to pass everyday.
Here’s more from Tom:

Stop and ask yourself, and your people: Are we asserting integrity of purpose in everything that we do? Does our desire to improve our customers’ lives shine through in each and every action that we take? If it doesn’t, then stop it! Change it! For example, when was the last time that you picked up the phone, called your customers, and asked them
how you can help? (That’s what I thought.)

“Asserting integrity of purpose.” I like that. One can fit tasks like “write compelling copy;” “foster community around the brand;” and “inject content into the mix” around this kind of high minded focal point.



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