Fade In: The Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel in New York City is the setting for three short films, thanks to a deal put together by Massify — a social media Web site where filmmakers, actors, crew members and editors showcase their work and coordinate new projects — and Killer Films.

Killer Films, Ace Hotel, and Massify from Massify on Vimeo.

According to The New York Times, while the three films are marketing tools for the hotel, Massify wants to prove it can make branded content that is compelling and cheap.
“This is a model that Massify is trying to replicate,” said Jon Kaplowitz, co-chief executive of Massify, which is based in Manhattan. “Nobody watches commercials anymore, and it’s cost-prohibitive to buy ads online, so we approached Ace with the idea that if we created branded-entertainment pieces, then the content itself would be a marketing vehicle for the hotel.”
The hotel, which has a video-on-demand channel it customizes with selected content, will make the films available to guests in October, when it also expects to host a premiere.



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