Everyone’s A Critic

Designer Henryk Zawiślak uploaded his logo for Grzaniec to Concept Feedback, a new site that crowdsources peer feedback.
About the logo above, Ovi Hentea, a peer, says, “I say ditch the gradient on the text stroke. I also say simplify the logo overall, removing some of the detail lines and the screws.”
According to Springwise, professionals participating on the site can offer their constructive advice, which gets automatically collected and archived for the submitting member. A system of reputation scores, meanwhile, keeps members honest and helps interpret their advice.
Andrew Follett, the company’s founder and CEO, explains: “Most small business marketers and freelancers lack the budget and resources it requires to obtain useful feedback on marketing concepts. A third-party point of view can be critical to launching a website, advertising campaign or concept that is clear, concise and effective.”
Portland’s creative community is a bit chapped over the city’s request for spec work to help it improve a key city Web site.
Yesterday’s Oregonian has some of the reactions:

“It’s clear that the city really doesn’t understand who we are or what we do,” says Jamie Sexton, director of the Portland Advertising Federation.
Inviting amateurs to rework a complicated site is like accepting public designs to replace the Sellwood Bridge, with no analysis of safety, says Eric Anderson of White Horse.

For more on this story, see my friend Dave Selden’s post on Pop Art’s blog.



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